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Bemutató és használt hangdobozok, hangfalak

Castle Knight 1

The Castle Knight series is born of a complete understanding of acoustic principles, exceptional high-frequency clarity, depth of character and lustre - remarkable traits which reflect its outstanding performance.


Component: Bass 130mm x 1, Tweeter 25mm tex

Amplifier Power: 15 - 100 w

Nom. Imp: 8 ohms

Sens.1W@1M: 88db

Freq Range at -6 dB: 46 hz - 24 khz

Cabinet Size: 290mm x 165mm x 265mm (HxWxD)

Net Weight: 4.5kg

Chario SW-1


Több pár

Dali 350

Állódoboz, new old stock, fekete

Frequency Response 42 Hz - 20 kHz ± 3dB

Sensitivity 86 dB, 2.83 V / 1 m

Recommended Amp. Power 50 - 150 W

Nominal Impedance 6 Ohm

Crossover Frequencies 3,0 kHz

Max Spl.: 107dB

Weight: 26 kg

SUBWOOFER OF THE YEAR 2005/2006 Audio Video magazine

DALI Concept Sub

The Dali Concept Sub is the kind of subwoofer you should consider if you"re looking for a very serious high-end bass machine that will both look and perform splendidly, at a very good price.

Der Concept SUB verleiht Ihrem Stereo- oder Surround-System ausgeglichene, starke tiefe Bässe mit Volumen und Wucht. Akustisch ebenso überzeugend, wie perfekt abgestimmt auf den frischen Stil und die Leistung der DALI Concept Serie, vereint Concept SUB eine luftgetrocknete 30-cm-Membrane und einen 160-Watt-Verstärker in einem robusten, kompakten Gehäuse. Verfügbar in Schwarz, Kirsch oder Eiche hell mit Anthrazit-Metallic-Front,

Frequency range+/- 3 dB [Hz] min 29 Frequency range+/- 3 dB [Hz] max 170

Enclosure type Closed, Maximum SPL [dB] 110

Low frequency driver, Diaphragm / cone type Air-dried pulp cone

Standby power consumption 1,8

The price is approximately $650

Kívánságra gyári állványával is

Dynaudio Audience 42

The Audience 42 ($850 USD per pair), is surprisingly heavy for its diminutive size, and surprisingly lovely

Audience 42 vertraut einen Tiefmitteltöner mit 15 Zentimetern Durchmesser und eine 28 Millimeter-Hochtonkalotte aus beschichtetem Gewebe.

…Understatement-Wunder mit enormer tonaler Reife und feinster Lebendigkeit! " stereoplay

"…wird die kleine Audience 42 ihren guten Noten in Präzision und Luftigkeit voll gerecht." AUDIO

Empfindlichkeit (2.83 V/1 m) 86 dB

IEC Langzeitbelastbarkeit 150 W

Impedanz (nominal) 4 Ohm

Gewicht 4,8 kg

Maße (B x H x T in cm) 17 x 28,2 x 24,6

Dynaudio Contour 1.1

A small but perfectly formed two-way speaker that is specifically designed to deliver high performance results in rooms where the size of the speaker is a consideration. Primarily intended for bookshelf applications, the Contour 1.1 features a ferrofluid-cooled and damped soft dome tweeter built as a one-piece unit to ensure a perfectly integrated sound.

Technical Specification:

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 85 dB

IEC Long Term Power Handling: 150 W

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Frequency Response: 47 Hz - 30 kHz

Weight: 6,5 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 316 x 283 mm

FOCAL JM Lab Symbol 1

A magassugárzó 70kHz-ig visz

Heco Argon Reference

Négyutas állódoboz, aktív 250mm-es mélysugárzóval used, használt, cseresznye - fekete

High End 4-Wege Bassreflex Standlautsprecher mit seitlich eingebautem Subwoofer,

200/320 W, 4-8 Ohm, SPL (1W/1m) 91 dB,

seitliche Subwoofer aktiv 150/250 W mit Digitalendstufe

242 x 1,200 x 420

Linaeum LFX


Legendás mini-monitor, erősen használt állapotban, nálunk nem a képen látható Corian kivitelben, csak fekete színű

Linaeum LS 1000

Állódoboz, különleges dipól magassugárzóval ára 15.600,- Ffr volt

Linn Index

Plazma és LCD mellé ideális!

Linn Sekrit

Kétutas, különlegesen lapos kialakítású , ezért akár falba is építhető hangdoboz used, használt, sötétszürke pár

The Sekrit in-wall loudspeakers provide practicality, performance and style, allowing high quality audio to

be reproduced whilst remaining virtually invisible. The Sekrit is designed to be fitted in a plasterboard/

wood construction partition wall or ceiling. The baffles/grilles can be spray-painted to match the room décor.

Typ: 2-Wege

Mindestleist.: 30 W / 8 Ohm

Frequenzw.: 60 Hz - 20 kHz

Impendanz: 4 Ohm

Montagetiefe: 72 mm

Installationslochgröße: 444 mm x 228 mm

eredetileg 450,-$ + állvány


Mission Volare 63

A magas és karcsú MISSION VOLARE V63 jogsult a 2003-2004 hangsugárzója címre, mely a modern tervezést és a tradicionális hi-fi erényeket kombinálja sokoldalú termékké. A dinamikus, izgalmas és részletező hang előállításához mikro-szálas dóm nagyfrekvenciás átalakítóval kombinált két 150mm-es mély/közép hangszóróval (melyek a Mission már bizonyított Paramid kétrétegű membránanyagát hasznosítják) rendelkezik. Mindazonáltal a VOLARE V63 megnyugtatóan természetes és realisztikus marad mindenfajta zenével és ideális alapként szolgálhat egy jó minőségű házi-mozi rendszerhez is.

Highly efficient, the v63 makes the most of your audio equipment with an amplifier suitability of 25 - 150W, so that a pair of v63"s are capable of an ear bending 115dBA peak output.

Enclosure Type 2-way Reflex

Frequency Response 3db 44Hz to 20kHz

Sensitivity SPL/m/2.83V 89dB

Cross-Over Frequency 2.4kHz

Effective Volume 30 litres

Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms

Amplifier power 25 - 150 W/Ch

Dimensions (HxWxD) 968 x 205 x 330(mm)

Finish Cherry

If you want a pair of superbly built small speakers that"ll work well close to a rear wall the choice is limited. The Opera Minis would be high up on our shortlist.

Opera Mini

The Mini is the latest (and smallest!) model in the new Callas range of loudspeakers. Maintaining the attractive small dimensions of the original Mini (1030€), its humble size houses an excellent performer, with focus and detail aplenty. The cabinet follows the design of the other models in the range, featuring curved sides and a ‘teardrop’ shape. The construction is of plywood, thick MDF and a very high quality real wood veneer, with a real leather baffle. The bass drive unit has a front firing port which is carefully tuned for close-wall positioning and impressive bass response for the cabinet size.

Take a listen to the brand new Minis and you"ll know that things have changed. Yes, they"re small, so require a close-to-wall position to sound balanced. But once that"s done, you"ll be greeted by a beautifully integrated sound and a sonic image substantial enough to fool you into thinking you"re hearing something larger. The Minis have attitude, too, and while they"d still not be our first choice as party speakers, they"ll deliver the likes of George Clinton with a fair degree of verve. All of which, on top of the Opera brand"s traditional sonic strengths, makes this a formidable design. So we know that the Opera Minis sound good, and cover most sonic bases with a fair degree of skill. What you won"t know is that they are beautifully built – well enough to make otherwise very impressive rivals seem just that little bit ordinary.

Speaker Type: 2-way reflex, front ported ; Woofer: 110mm; Tweeter: 19mm, magnetically shielded; Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz;

Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz; Sensitivity: 86dB; Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm; Maximum power handling: 50 W; Dimensions (HxWxD) 260x160x190mm; Weight: 4.5kg each

Piega LDR 4.2

A svájci gyártó egy különleges, csepp formájú hangdoboza, amelyet rozsdamentes acél lapok borítanak, és egyedi ribbon magassugárzóval rendelkezik.

Swans M1

2-way/ 4th order bass reflex system

Frequency response: 53Hz-40kHz + /-3dB

Efficiency (2.83V / m): 86dB

Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms

Tweeter: Swans RT1 isodynamic ribbon

Low-midrange: Swans F5 High End mid/bass woofer

Recommended amplifier power: 10 - 100W

Dimensions: 210 x 276 x 330 mm

Weight: 8.6 kg (EU version with bi-wiring terminals)

Cabinet finish: real wood / genuine leather

Triangle Comete

Triangle NAIA 260

Kivitel: álló doboz, 3 utas, bass-reflex

Érzékenység: 93 dB

Frekvencia átvitel (+-3dB): 40Hz-20kHz

Terhelhetőség: 160W

Csúcs terhelhetőség: 300W

Átlagos impedancia: 8 Ohm

Minimális impedancia: 4 Ohm

Méretek (Ma. x Szé. x Mé.) 120 x 31 x 36 cm

Súly: 32 kg

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