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AMC 1100 előerősítő

New black

Installed with mixing circuitry specially designed for Multimedia applications. End users will be able use the MIXING FEATURE to listen to music or program from Phono/Aux, CD, Tuner, or DVD. At the same time, working on a computer (connect sound card outputs to multimedia inputs.) All will come out simultaneously from the same pair of speakers with the best possible quality of sound.

Special designed passive Tone control circuit to give natural sound quality.

Uses audiophile grade components throughout, providing exceptional accuracy to tone control responses.

High overload margin on tone control circuit by virtue of its topologies.

Audio Video Control Center beépített erősítővel, vagy anélkül nagyon kedvező áron


New black

Designed for control A/V system

Audio and video outputs.

Remote volume control, source selection, audio mute, power.

Record switch to record any A/V sources to any Cassette Decks or VCR‘s.

Buffered video outputs.

THD less than 0.01%.

Audio S/N better than 95 dB.

Pro Logic

Audiomat Arpege


Nagyméretű csöves előfok

Audiomat Opus

High end valve preamplifier

Elegant in appearance in a massive silver-grey aircraft-grade aluminum way, the Audiomat is the very epitome of simplicity in amplification: a single box with just the basic controls and a mere seven vacuum tubes for the precious elixir to travel through. There"s no need for a screwdriver and multi-meter since the Opéra, as are all Audiomat amplifiers, is self-biasing.

Audio Research SP-9

Elektroncsöves előerősítő

The SET40 is a well design amplifier with 2 x 845 tubes, and an output of approx. 40W

Bel Canto Design Set 40 Csöves Végfok

Nagy szerencse volt abban, amikor sok éve hozzám került egy német forgalmazó barátomnál heverésző, szinte sohase használt Bel Canto végfok. Nálam is csak egy párszor lett bekapcsolva, mostanra eldöntöttem, eladó, szerető gazdáját keresi. Kb. tíz éves lehet és lehet, hogy még száz órát sem ment.

The SET40 has all the credentials that the triode-maniac insists upon: pure class A operation, zero negative feedback, and one direct-heated power triode per channel, run hot and hard. The unit weighs about 30 kilos, it produces 40 Watts per channel over a bandwidth of 5Hz to 35kHz, and is said to have exceptionally low distortion, primarily second order harmonic. The SET40´s output power tubes are self-biasing and, therefore, never need to be adjusted, even after replacement. Of course, you"re going to pay for this level of engineering, but you get a lot for your money. Original Price: US$5200.00 (US$295.00 for optional gold tube covers)

This power amplifier scored a very good 28 points, generally seen with designs of far higher prices.

Martin Coloms, HI-FI News & Record Review(UK Magazine) - April ?98

I heartily recommend giving one a listen. Bascom H. King, Audio Magazine - November 1998

Chord DSC 1500E


Counterpoint SA-3

Elektroncsöves előerősítő

Etalon SL-701/AMPLI

Csak egyben eladó

Meridian 20x rendszer

Meridian 204: FM tuner és időzítő

Meridian 205: monoblokk végerősítő (2db)

Meridian 207 Mk II: CD lejátszó és előerősítő

Meridian 209: Rendszertávirányító

Phase Linear model 300 és model 3000 series 2

Elő- és végerősítő

Pointe 672 SE

Elektroncsöves integrált erősítő

Spark A88T

Elektroncsöves integrált erősítő

The DMA-80 is a perfect example of how great spectral products are.

Spectral dma 80

Végerősítő a gyártóra jellemző nagy sávszélességű, ultragyors kivitelében, kurta jelúttal kivitelezve

The DMA-80 is an extraordinary amplifier. It immediately transformed my system from one which had a slightly grainy and non-blooming treble to the opposite: a spacious highly detailed upper mid and treble.

Extraordinary detail.

POWER OUTPUT :@ 8 ohms = 80 WRMS OUPUT CURRENT: Limited to 18A Peak

DISTORTION: Less than .1% fran D.C. to 100 KHz "IYPica11 y .006% @ 80 WRMS / 8 ohms BANDWIDTH: D.C. to 1.2 MHz - 3db

Tangent AMP50

integrált erősítő

Thorens TIA 2300

Integrált erősítő

Usher R6.0

6 csatornás végerősítő

The Absolute Sound "Best Tube Amplifier" 2008/2009 "Power Amplifier of the Year" The Absolute Sound Magazine "Editors" Choice" Award, The Absolute Sound, 2007 "Best-sounding Sub-$1,200 Amp I´ve Heard"

Vincent SP 331 Hybrid Power Amplifier

Hybrid vacuum tube / solid-state power amplifier German engineered Input stage: 2 6N16 tubes per channel Output stage: 12 Toshiba transistors per channel Oversize toroidal core transformer of 1,000-watts x 2 80,000 µF per channel power reserves

Vincent´s SP-331 wins the "Power Amplifier of the Year" award in the January 2008 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine. "Plan on using a very good preamp in order to hear what the high-resolution Vincent can really do," suggests Chris Martens.

"One of the Sweetest Deals in Audio"

The Absolute Sound magazine rated the Vincent SP-331 as the "Best Tube Amplifier" in the Winter 08 / Spring 09 issue, calling it "one of the best-sounding power amplifiers we"re heard in the sub-[twelve-hundred-dollar]-category."

"Let me not mince words," says Martens in the August 2007 issue of The Absolute Sound. "The SP-331 is the best-sounding sub-$1200 amplifier I"ve yet heard, and I therefore regard it as one of the sweetest deals in high-end audio today."

"Richness and Subtlety"

The October 2007 issue ofThe Absolute Sound magazine awarded the Vincent SP-331 its "Editors" Choice" recommendation. "It combines the richness and subtlety of fine tube designs -- especially through the midrange -- with the sheer low-frequency grunt, control, and agility of a good solid-state amplifier."

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