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XLR kimenetekkel


CD player, gyakorlatilag új, with original box, power lead and remote control, digital out, Black. ex demo

Gyári távirányítóval, papírokkal, kábellel, csomagolással


AM / FM tuner

Audionet VIP hailed as best DVD Audio player ever in magazine review


The VIP is a top-loader with a granite plate bottom and Class-A architecture, 192/24 DACs with upsampling for CD. This player is the ultimate choice for two-channel DVD Audio in particular. Progressive scan and digital link upgrades

The VIP (which stands for Versatile Integrated Player) is equipped with a proprietary digital output using the IEEE-1394 Firewire interface which enables a direct connection between the player and suitably equipped HighBit-Data hardware from the Audionet range, an upgraded MAP for example...

Audio Agile Step Tuner

Insgesamt können 30 Sender (20 FM) für einen komfortablen Aufruf gespeichert werden. Eine Anzeige für "Stereo", die Signalqualität und RDS gibt weitere Informationen zum empfangenen Sender. Sendernamen können frei benannt angelegt werden. Die Spannungsversorgung für die digitale und analoge Sektion sind getrennt aufgebaut und erlauben einen wunderbar klingenden Radioempfang.

Aufbau: Epoxyharz (FR 4) Leiterplatte mit 70 μ Kupfer, zweiseitig, durchkontaktiert.

Galvanisch verzinnt.

Leiterbahnen gerundet für geringe Induktivität und Reflexionen.

Abschirmflächen für geringe Brummeinstreuung.

Masseführung für geringste Brummeinstreuung optimiert.

Burr-Brown OPA 2604 in analog Ausgangsstufe

Netzteil: Ringkerntrafo 40 Watt; 10.000μF Siebung für Analog

Separate Spannungsversorgung von analog und digital Stufe

900,- EUR; ex-demo

Magister Musicae

Audio Analogue Maestro - CD player

The bottom line is that, in my humble opinion, the Maestro is a fine performer that can be successfully used with HiFi systems of the hi-end kind up to 5,000 $ or so. Plus, thanks to its "easy" sound it can be matched easily with most systems. The digital input allows you to hook up another digital source (DAT, 24/96 DVD-Video or anything else). Eredetileg 1,700 Euro

Arcam Alpha 1 CD Player

An ideal entry level CD player. Excellent condition, with power lead and remote control, digital out, Black. Super sounds. RRP £300.

What hi fi mag gave 5 star reveiws for price 300 pounds when it came out

DVI-D kimenet, progresszív pásztázású RGB kimenet

Ayre DX-7

DVD futómű

Excellent sound. Simple remote. Reliable

California Audio Labs DX-2

Detailed, natural non-strident sound andsolid construction,warm-analog sound with lot of details,work with any source of material(including CD-R).Non sensitive for vibrations.

Let"s say that you"re someone who hates digital--who simply refuses to deal with it. Too bad because you"re going to miss a lot of good music that"s available only on CD. Besides, the CAL DX-2 is waiting. It sounds wonderful--and not just "wonderful for digital"--and it"s cheap enough that you can still pay inflated prices for new vinyl and have a CD-club membership to get the music you really want.

But then maybe you"re not an analog die-hard; you just want a good-sounding and well-made CD player. The DX-2 is for you too. I freely admit that I didn"t expect the CAL DX-2 to compete with my much-more-expensive reference digital rig, but in some broad ways it did, holding its own in terms of tonal balance and ease before falling off in the focus and bass departments. Of course, the comparison isn"t a fair one because the CAL DX-2 costs a fraction of the price of my Timbre/Wadia setup. But the DX-2 brings the game to the more expensive equipment, demanding respect.

The no-nonsense DX-2 has given me great admiration for CAL products. It"s the first one I"ve heard, but I hope it won"t be the last. Let the DX-2 take your favorite discs for a spin. It"s music and wallet enhancing. "soundstage"

Cambridge T500


Stereoplay „überragend“ (92 Punkte) Preis/Leistung: „überragend“ „Sensationell ausgestatteter Universalplayer mit Spitzen-Bild.

Cyberhome CH-DVD 635

New black, or silver univerzális lejátszó DVD-Audio und SACD

CYBERHOME CH DVD 635 S Wie schafft es bloß die Hildener Cyber-Home Europe AG, für 125 Euro den mit allenWassern gewaschen Universalplayer CH DVD 635 S auf die Beine zu stellen? Nicht nur, dass er inklusive DivX alle gängigen Formate und sogar mehrkanaliges DVD-Audio und SACD beherrscht,

Fazit: Das Warten hat sich also gelohnt. Der CH DVD 635S übertrifft alle Erwartungen, für seinen Preis ist der Player zur Zeit konkurrenzlos. Die Art und Weise, wie er das an sich unfaire Duell gegen den dreimal so teueren Marantz DV 4500 in fast allen Bewertungen für sich entscheidet, ist zutiefst beeindruckend. Den direkten Konkurrenten Sigmatek XM 400pro, der für sich alles andere als ein schlechter Player ist, lässt er wie einen Budget-China-Player aussehen. Ein bestechend gutes Bild, bester Ton, SACD und DVD-Audio in guter Qualität, gepaart mit guter Verarbeitung - wie soll man da nicht ins Schwärmen kommen?

Der CH DVD 635S erhält nicht nur unsere Kaufempfehlung, andere Player werden sich an ihm messen müssen. Wie es bisher ausschaut, nicht nur die seiner Preisklasse.


Lindemann CD-1 SE

SACD DVD PLAYER - FÉLÁR ALATT Outstanding picture Detailed SACD and movie audio Lots of outputs Many user adjustable features for fine tuning

Denon DVD-3910 Universal DVD Player

Single-disc, DVD-A/SACD Progressive Scan Universal Disc player Outstanding picture Detailed SACD and movie audio Lots of outputs Many user adjustable features for fine tuning

At $1,499, the Denon 3910 is a substantial investment for any sort of disc player. However, when you consider the fact that you’re essentially getting up to four different players in one, the 3910 is without question a bargain. Many universal players claim to be truly universal, and while they will play most formats out there today, very few demonstrate the panache with both music and movies that the 3910 possesses. Be prepared to tell your old DVD and CD players they are the weakest link, goodbye. With a barrage of features and connection options at your fingertips, the Denon 3910 will keep you in movie and music nirvana for quite some time. With new formats like HD-DVD just around the corner some might be compelled to hold off, but when you factor in the sheer performance the 3910 brings to the table, you might reconsider. I know I did. I think I’ll figure out how to hang onto this one.

* Top of the line video performance

* Unsurpassed audio performance

* Very good build quality

* DVD-Audio and SACD through IEEE 1394 (in DTCP-equipped receivers)

* Much improved analogue bass management levels

Big bestseller

Marantz CD - 17 CD player

Warm without being over the top, Controlled yet natural, Superb low frequencies, open and acurate sound, excellent soundstaging, analogue sound.

This is excellent player made in Japan and has universal power supply,100-240V,50/60Hz.

The cabinet is bild a heavy chassis minimazes mechanical vibrations.

Marantz CD - 63 SE

CD - lejátszó

Használt, used pezsgő színben, gyári távirányítóval ismert előélet, egy tulajdonos, nagyon megkímélt, gyári csomagolással

Marantz SA8260 multi-channel SACD/CD player

Hear perfection as Marantz once again brings the audiophile’s choice of formats in the SA8260 SACD Player.

The SA8260 continues with our traditional Marantz technical perfection and encompasses our heritage of sonic perfection. The SA8260 features Multi/Two-Channel SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW Playback to accomodate both the latter and next-generation audio (SACD) formats which are complimented by the High-Definition Amplifier Modules (HDAM). The HDAM modules internally contained within the SA8260 compliment and thereby enhances the sonic resolution and realism for the most accurate rendition of playback available - just as the artist intended their recording to be heard. Original Price: $1,100.00, nálunk 128.000,-

Marantz ST6000


Most negyedáron 99.000,-

Myryad MDV200

Highend dvd-lejátszó

Audio Section * Audio Digital to Analog Converters : 24 Bits 96 kHz * Audio 24 Bits 96 kHz Converter

Miscellaneous Informations * VCD * CD-R Reading

Supported formats * DTS * MP3

Audio Connectors * Analog Audio Outputs : 1 * Optical Output (TOSLink) : 1 * Coaxial Outputs (S/PDIF) : 1

Video Connectors * Video Output (RCA) : 1 * Y/C Outputs (SVideo) : 1 * RGB Outputs : 1 * Component Outputs (YUV) : 1

Miscellaneous * Dimensions : 436 x 95 × 298 (L x H x P) * Weight : 5.0 kg * Finish(es) : black

Codefree állítható

Pink Triangle Numeral

CD - lejátszó

Szép állapotú, nagyon masszív kivitelű lejátszó, eredeti távirányítójával!

A heavy metal chassis with an elegant, distinctive design. Separate controller and DAC boards with separate power supplies. High quality crystal clocks. Quality op-amps delivering a balanced output. Digital clock output for using outboard DACS (though I can"t imagine why you would!), terminated with a 50 ohm BNC plug to prevent wave reflections back into the player. Everything inside the cabinet is designed by Pink Triangle. Everything is specified and built to the very highest standard, a level of electronic craftsmanship that the Military would consider exceptional. High quality parts throughout and exemplary engineering. Hi-Fi World had this to say about it:Pink Triangle Numeral £1099 Apr 98 This very natural one-box fully justifies its £1000 price tag.

CDP-50 CD-player Aluminium kivitel beszámított készülék: 24.900,-

Tangent CDP 50

Given the price, the sound quality is unbeatable. With a smooth yet precise sound, the CDP50 sounds refined and just as natural as many more expensive CD players.

However, when I compared the CDP-50 with the NAD C542, which costs nearly twice as much, I was hard-pressed to hear any difference at all. This indicates to me that while it can be bettered for substantially more money, the CDP-50 is hard to beat at $259. The NAD C542 has long been considered a very good deal; the Tangent CDP-50 is an even better one. "Goodsound! Great Buy"

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