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Unison Research - Unico

15 évnél hosszabb sikeres múltra tekint vissza az Unison Research csöves erősítőinek története. A gyártó minden erősítője teljesen automatikus munkapont beállítással rendelkezik, a csövek korát és hőfokát is figyelembe véve. Az élettartam maximalizálásán túl ennek jelentősége a nagyfokú zeneiségben mutatkozik. A többrétű védelmi kapcsolások a készüléket olyan üzembiztossá teszik, mint ahogy azt a félvezetősöktől szoktuk meg. Az Unison Research-nél az audiofil élvezet az Unico sorozattal kezdődik. A kínálat integrált elő- és végerősítőket, analógos megszólalású CD játszókat és tunert is tartalmaz. Ezek a hibrid készülékek elő- vagy kimenő fokozatukban elektroncsöveket alkalmaznak, a lehengerlő teljesítmény érdekében a végfokozatok félvezetős megoldásúak. A készüléken belül számos, a hangzás szempontjából releváns alkatrész a gyártó saját műhelyében készül, mivel ezek a piacon nem kaphatóak. A velencei származási hely kifejezéseként, „mintegy idézetként” számos Unison terméken fellelhetőek olasz nemes fák vagy akár öntött muránói üveg is.

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Unison Research - Csöves erősítők

Simply Italy

Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier

The original Unison Research Simply Two was certainly one of the world`s most successful integrated valve amplifiers, a product widely acclaimed both by audiophiles and the specialist press. When Unison Research decided to introduce a new, small integrated valve amplifier to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy, we used the Simply Two as our inspiration—and named it the Simply Italy.

The Simply Italy shares many of the design features of the Simply Two. Both are single-ended ultralinear Class A designs that produce 12 watts per channel. Both use EL34 valves in the output stage and ECC82 valves in the preamp and driver stages to achieve our trademark wide imaging, clarity and musical precision.

Output stage: Single-ended, ultralinear, Class-A

Output power: Approx. 12 watts per channel

Output impedance: 6 Ohm

Input impedance: 47kohm / 50 pF

Negative feedback: 5 dB or 1.8 dB

Valve complement: 2 x ECC82 (12AU7)

2 x EL34 (6CA7)

Power consumption: 85 watt

Dimensions (mm.): 26 cm x 35 cm x H. 19cm

Net weight: 15kg

S6 (New)

Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier

The latest version of the Unison Research S6 integrated amplifier is the result of over 25 years of experience with building valve amplifiers that have been praised all over the world for their beauty, reliability and performance. Our main goal with the S6 was to create an EL-34 integrated amplifier that has compact dimensions yet is able to drive most speakers comfortably—even those designs with relatively low efficiency.

The S6 uses three EL-34 tubes in the output stage per channel, connected together in a triple-parallel configuration that operates in single-ended Class A ultralinear mode. With this design, the S6 is able to supply an ample 35 watts per channel. Both 4-ohm and 8-ohm speaker outputs are available so that you can match the loudspeaker of your choice to the S6 for the best results.

The S6 was also designed with simplicity in mind. Our designs ensure that a minimum amount of components are found in the signal path, because we believe that the finest sound quality is the result of an unimpeded signal flow. This simplicity also translates to an amplifier that is more reliable and trouble-free in its operation.

Output Stage: single-ended parallel, ultraliner

Classe: pure A class

Output Power: 30/35 Watt/channel

Frequency Response: 20 – 50000 Hz

Output Impedance: 6 Ohm

Input Impedance: 47 kOhm

Inputs: 5 line

Outputs: 1 tape, loudspeakers

Power Consumption: 265VA max

Dimensioni : 35 cm x 21cm x 49 cm (L x H x P )

Net Weight: 55 lbs


Single ended parallel in pure class A 35 watt per channel.

The S9 (7800€) is an integrated stereo amplifier with the output power stage is a single ended parallel in pure class A . The output power is about 35 watt per channel.

The output power valves of this amplifier are the SV572 from the russian Svetlana. Maybe, actually, this brand is the best factory for valves.

The main characteristics of SV 572 are: Directly heated thoriated tungsten filament for soft glow and warm sound. Hard glass envelope with white ceramic base. Low microphonic construction with ceramic internal spacers. Graphite plate with titanium coating for extremely high power capability. Small physical size. The bias of output stage is manual controlled for each tube and it has obtained by aid of a precision analogic mA meter.

The output transformers have been studied, designed and produced in our factory to exalt at maximum the exceptional sound characteristics of the SV572. The total negative feedback of S9 is very low, about 9 dB, nonetheless is bandwidth is from 30Hz to 50kHz with of THD. The anodic power supply, more than 1kV, has supported with 8.000 uF capacitors filters !! The filaments of each power valves has supplied by a dedicated power supply with Shotky diodes.


To complete our series of all-tube integrated amplifiers, including successful models such as the Performance and the Sinfonia, Unison Research now introduces the Preludio.

This amplifier maintains the distinctive technical elements, sound characteristics and winning look of the preceding models, and features original solutions which are the result of Unison Research’s innovative design and production experience that has been gained over the years. Along with the other models of the same series, the Preludio is an integrated amplifier which is faithful to the traditions here at Unison Research.

Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier Class A Single ended

Output Stage:

single-ended, ultralinear, Class-A

It costs: 2800€.

Output power:

approx. 14 watt per channel

Valve complement:

2 x ECC82(12AU7)

2 x KT88


Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier Class A Double Parallel Single ended

After the acclaim we have received from both audiophiles and the press for our Performance model, we have decided to design and produce a new, smaller valve integrated amplifier called the Sinfonia. The Sinfonia is very close to the Performance amplifier in both technical characteristics and appearance, but at a lower price.

Output Stage:

single-ended parallel, ultralinear, Class-A

It costs: 4500€.

Output power:

approx. 27 watt per channel

Valve complement:

2 x ECC82(12AU7)

2 x ECC83(12AX7)

4 x KT88


Integrated Dual Mono Tube Amplifier Class A Triple Parallel Single ended

In its more than twenty years of history to date, Unison Research has produced not only separate pre- and power amplifiers but also many integrated amplifiers of both low and medium power output. Integration offers several advantages, not only for simplicity and practicality of use, but for the improvements to sound quality that can be obtained. An integrated amplifier requires less cabling than its separate counterparts, both for mains supply and for interconnects, and that provides a worthwhile saving in cost. More importantly, cabling can have an undesirable effect on timbre, soundstage and dynamics.

The design of an integrated amplifier is therefore more critical and complex than that of a separate pre-power combination. The design of a single-chassis design requires great care in order to isolate the sensitive gain stages from interference from the power supply or output stage.

Output Stage:

single-ended parallel, ultralinear, Class-A

It costs: 9450€.

Output power:

approx. 40 watt per channel

Valve complement:

2 x ECC82(12AU7)

2 x ECC83(12AX7)

6 x KT88


Integrated Dual Mono Tube Amplifier Class A Single ended Parallel

The Absolute 845 was chosen by The Absolute Sound as Best Product of the Year in 1994.

After 16 years, it is still in the absolute highest ranking of tube amplifiers in the German magazine Stereoplay with a score higher than any other amp—including solid state amps. No other hi-fi product has remained at the top of its category for so long.

The Absolute not only represents the entire history and design philosophy of Unison Research, but the history of hi-fi itself. The Absolute 845 demonstrates that it not only has something definitive to say about the evolution of analog and valve devices, but that the strength of this statement has yet to be surpassed in the audio world.

Output Stage:

single-ended parallel, Class-A

It costs: 35.500€.

Output power:

approx. 40 watt per channel

Valve complement:

6 x ECC82(12AU7)

2 x ECC83(12AX7)

4 x 845


Tube Preamplifier * Dual Mono * 3 Integral Chassy

Many Unison Research customers have expressed the wish for an all-tube pure class-A power amplifier with a power output significantly higher than any previous Unison product. In order to satisfy this request, the Unison Research design team has created a single-ended monoblock amplifier able to deliver 80 watts in pure Class-A. This product has become the first in a new line which embodies all our experience in valve amplifier design acquired over the years–the Reference Series.

Having completed the power amplifier project, a preamplifier of similar quality and performance was added, and it is fully worthy of inclusion in the Reference Series. We have named it, of course, the Reference PRE.

Operating mode:


It costs: 16.800€.


4 line RCA, 2 line XLR

1 tape, 2 phono


1 line RCA, 1 line XLR

1 tape, 1 subwoofer


Mono Tube Power Amplifier

Many customers, already familiar with our the current products, have expressed the desire to see a new model in the catalog: an all-tube, pure Class-A power amplifier, with a power output much higher than anything so far seen from Unison Research.

With the aim of satisfying this requirement, the Unison Research team began to evaluate the possibility of producing an amplifier which would incorporate the best of what we have learned from many years of experience with valve amplifiers. The idea was certainly an ambitious one: to design a single-ended amplifier with twice the output power of the most powerful product in the catalogue, and make it truly worthy of inclusion amongst models that have made the Unison famous throughout the world.

Since this demanding project was to be developed entirely by the Unison team, it was necessary to make several important decisions concerning the overall design. Our first realization was that the Reference power amplifier needed to consist of a separate monoblock pair of amplifiers.

Output Stage:

single-ended parallel, Class-A

It costs: 35.500€.

Output power:

approx. 70 watt

Valve complement:

1 x ECC82(12AU7)

1 x ECC83(12AX7)

4 x 845


Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier

An amplifier with a push-pull circuit consists of a stage with two power tubes–each of which amplifies one half-wave, either positive or negative, of the audio signal.

The special design of the output transformer in the P-40 then enables the correct reconstruction of the amplified signal at the output terminals. The advantage of the push-pull system lies in its ability to produce greater output power than is obtainable from a single-ended design using the same type of valve. This advantage is determined by the greater efficiency of the push-pull system, which translates to lower heat dissipation for any given output power.

The disadvantage of push-pull stages is that since they rely on the amplification of two separate half-wave signals by two separate amplifying devices, they must be particularly well-engineered in order not to encounter significant distortion. The P-40 boasts an impressive specification: 40 watts into a 6 ohm load with full-bandwidth distortion less than 0.2%. This performance is similar to that of a well-engineered amplifier using a single-ended topology.

Output Stage: push-pull ultraliner

Classe: AB

Output Power: 40W

Output Impedance: 6 ohm

Inputs: 4 line

Outputs: 1 tape, 1 sub woofer, loudspeakers

Feedback factor: 14dB

Frequency Response: 20 – 30000 Hz

Valves: 4 x EL34, 2 x ECC82, 1 x ECC83

Remote Control: IR for volume

Power Consumption: 300W max

Dimension: 16.5 x 15.7 x 8.3 inch.

Net Weight: 55lbs


Dual mono Integrated Valve Amplifier

An amplifier with a push-pull topology is characterized by a power stage in which active device pairs work together amplifying the positive and the negative signal half waves separately. The output transformer, therefore, reconstructs the amplified signal and makes it available at the output terminals. The main benefit of this topology is to design amplifiers which have a much higher power than their single-ended counterparts, even when using the same power valves in the output stage. This results in better efficiency, which also means a significant reduction of the dissipated heat at the same power rate.

Nevertheless the push-pull stages, because of to the simultaneous action of two different devices, need very careful design and set up to avoid the large distortion that always occurs when the amplification of the two half waves is not equal. The P-70 is an amplifier capable of delivering more than 70 W per channel into a 6 Ohm load, with a THD lower than 0.2% over the whole audio band. In this way its performance is comparable to those of a well-engineered single ended amplifier.

Output Stage: push-pull ultraliner

Classe: AB

Output Power: 70W

Output Impedance: 6 ohm

Outputs: tape RCA e XLR , loudspeakers bilanciate

Inputs: 4 line XLR e RCA

Input Impedance: 47 kOhm

Feedback factor: 14dB

Frequency Response: 20 – 30000 Hz

Valves: 4 x 6550/KT88, 2 x ECC82, 4 x ECC83

Remote Control: IR for volume

Power Consumption: 360W max

Dimension: 46 x 46 x 21cm , 18 x 18 x 8.3 inch

Net Weight: 25 kg


RIAA Stereo Tube Preamplifier Class A phono stage * no feedback

Valve phono stages are relatively rare. Valve phono stages that are affordable and offer great sound are even rarer. That’s what makes the Unison Research Simply Phono so unique.

The Simply Phono, a Class A phono stage with zero feedback and 3 ECC83 (12AX7) valves, is a perfect complement to all Unison line level amplifiers and is a superb addition to any quality hi-fi set-up.

It caters to both MM and mid-to-high outputl MC cartridges and features switchable impedance for optimum load matching. An optional separate power supply is available for a small extra cost.

Operating mode:


It costs: 1150€.



Input impedance:


Valve complement:

3 x ECC83(12AX7)


Stereo Phono Valve preamplifier

The original Phono One phono stage was one of the most admired and beloved products in Unison Research history. When production was discontinued some years ago, the requests for a replacement never ceased. For that reason, we decided to improve and reintroduce this design.

We retained the exterior appearance of the original since we have always considered this design to be timeless, its aesthetic appeal is still undiminished and best left untouched. While the circuit used in the Phono One has many features in common with the more affordable Simply Phono, one more valve has been added, bringing the number of triodes (i.e. five ECC83/12AX7 double triodes) up to ten.

Class: pure A

RIAA : passive +/- 0.1 dB (20 Hz / 20 KHz)

Output Impedance: 800 ohm.

Outputs: 1 x line

Gain : 54 dB

Total Harmonic Distorti on (THD): 0.1 % at 1 volt output

Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N): – 80 dB

Inputs: 1 per fonorivalatore MM o MC

Input Impedance: 47 Kohm – 100 – 50 – 22 ohm / 100 – 200 – 320 – 420 pF ( modifiable )

Feedback factor: 0 dB.

Valves: 5 x ECC83 / 12AX7

Alimentatore: esterno

Dimension: 37.3 x 5.84 x h 24.63 cm.

Net Weight: 3.6 Kg circa (including power supply)


Mono/Stereo Tube Power Amplifier

Output Stage:

single-ended parallel, ultralinear, Class-A

It costs: 3600€.

Output power:

approx. 30 watt per channel (stereo)

approx. 60 watt (mono)

Valve complement:

2 x ECC83(12AX7)


Stereo Tube Preamplifier

Operating mode:


It costs: 2550€.


3 line RCA,

1 tape, 1 phono


1 line, 1 tape

Valve complement:

3 x ECC83(12AX7)

3 x ECC83(12AX7) phono


Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier Class A Single ended

Output Stage:

single-ended Class-A

It costs: 6300€.

Output power:

approx. 24 watt per channel

Valve complement:

3 x ECC82(12AU7)

2 x 845


Stereo Tube Preamplifier

Operating mode:


It costs: 3600€.


4 line RCA, 1 tape


2 line, 1 tape

Valve complement:

1 x EZ81 rectifier


Mono Tube Power Amplifier

Output Stage:

single-ended, Class-A

It costs: 7650€.

Output power:

approx. 24 watt

Valve complement:

1 x ECC82(12AU7)

1 x ECC83(12AX7)

1 x 845

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Unison Research - Lemezjátszók


Cartridge body material made out of dense tonewood (stored over 20 years, also used in violine industry)

Output Voltage: (@ 1kHz, 5 cm/s) ~ 3,7 mV

Channel Separation: (@ 1 kHz) 30 dB

Channel Balance: (@ 1 kHz) 0,2 dB

Loading impedance: 47 kOhm

Loading Capacity: 100 pF

Recommended tracking force: 2,2 g

Weight: ~ 5,5 g

Resonance optimized chassis construction using acrylic and 3 layers of massive

cherry wood laminated in different directions

Speed accuracy 0,09%

newest motor drive technology using a built in synchro-generator, that generates accurate constant distortionfree frequency for 33 and 45 rpm.

Even fine adjustment of speed could be performed easily

Unison Research - Csöves erősítők | Unison Research - Lemezjátszók | UNICO - Hibrid erősítők és forráskészülékek |

UNICO - Hibrid erősítők és forráskészülékek

Unico Primo

Output power: 80W RMS on 8Ω

Output stage: Dynamic A Class POWER MOSFET complementary pair

Polarization: Classe A Dinamic

Input stage: Triodi A-Class A

Valve: 1 x ECC83 (12AX7)

Sensibilty: 260mV

Input impedance: 50 kΩ / 47 pF

Frequency response: -0.1dB@10Hz / -0.5dB@100kHz

SNR: 90dB

THD: 0.15% @ 10W, 1kHz

Negative feedback: 10dB

Damping Factor: 50

Inputs: 5 line RCA, 1 tape RCA

Output: 1 tape RCA, 1 subwoofer RCA

Output connectors: 4 +4 per Bi-Wiring

Remote control: Volume, IR

Power consumption: 380W max

Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 9.5 cm

Net weight: 14 kg

Unico Nuovo

Output Power: 95W RMS/ 8Ohm

Frequency response: -0.1dB @ 10Hz, -0.5dB @ 100kHz

Input Impedance: 50kOhm // 47pF

Sensibility: 260mV RMS

Input stage: Pure A Class, parallel Valve stage, ECC83/12AX7

Output stage: Dynamic A Class POWER MOSFET complementary

Input: 5 Line RCA (1 phono optional)

Line Output: 1 tape, 1 sub (with volume control)

Output Connector: 4 + 4 bi-wiring

Feedback factor: 10dB

THD: 0.15% @ 10W/1kHz

Power consuption: 400W max

Size: 43.5cm x 9.5cm x 43cm

Weight: 16kg


Az új Unico Secondo (a termék ára: 2200€) erősítő sokat profitál az Unison Research hibrid erősítők gyártása területén szerzett sokéves tapasztalatból. A készülék elektromos áramköreit teljesen áttervezték, a tápegységet - különös tekintettel a transzformátor szekunder tekercseire – optimalizálták, a végerősítő időbeni viselkedését javították.

A tiszta A üzemosztályú, szimmetrikus, csöves előerősítő, továbbá a meghajtó fokozat az Unico 200, illetve az Unico SE modellekből lett levezetve. Megjelenésében feltűnő az új készülék magasabb előlapja, illetve a készülék felső burkolatai eloxált alumínium kivitelre változtak. A készülék csatlakoztathatósága lényegesen javult, hisz alapkivitelben is a gép rendelkezik, egy szimmetrikus XLR bemenettel, sőt a felvételi vonalkimenet mellett alacsony impedanciájú subwoofer kimenettel is rendelkezik.

A 15 kg-os erősítőt egy 400 VA-es toroid trafó táplálja, a tápegységet jellemzi, hogy hét fajta külön stabilizált tápot biztosít a külön részegységeknek, illetve a pufferelés méretezése folytán a normál üzemmód kétszeres teljesítményt biztosít. A felhasznált alkatrészeket a legjobbak között tarthatjuk számon, motoros ALPS potenció-méter, igényes kerámia csőfoglalat, aranyozott érintkezőkkel rendelkező kapcsolók, válogatott kondenzátorok, rövid jelútra a magas feszültséget, földelést és árnyékolást magas szinten figyelembe vevő, függőlegesen elhelyezett nyomtatott áramköri tervezés, mely vastag keresztmetszetű réz, aranyozott kivitelben.

A technikai szempontokon túl nagy figyelmet fordítottak a fejlesztés során intenzív és kiterjedt meghallgatásokra, így például a korábban alkalmazott csőtípus helyett ECC83 került alkalmazásra. Mint minden Unico készüléknél, a Secondánál is, szükség van a vezérlést felügyelő logikai egységre, mely a távirányítható hangerőszabályzást, a csövek bekapcsoláskori kíméletes felfűtését, továbbá e modellnél már intelligens, mikroprocesszor vezérelte – saját fejlesztésű - védelmet is tartalmaz. Az erősítőben szokatlan módon ellenőrzik a kimenő fokozat tápellátását, a szokásoson túl olyan esetekre is megoldást biztosítva, ha a tápegység biztosítéka megszakadna.

A mindösszesen 8 dB visszacsatolású erősítő megkettőzött Power Mosfet végfokkal rendelkezik, mely 8 Ohm-on csatornánként 100 W RMS teljesítményre képes. A rendkívül muzikális megszólalású, kvalitását komoly zenén és rockon egyaránt bizonyító erősítő, frekvenciamenete egészen 100 kHz felettig teljesen lineáris. Reméljük sokak számára nyújtunk árkategóriáján messze túlmutató eszközt a kifinomult ízlésű zenehallgató számára.

Unico 50

Output power: 120W RMS on 8ohm

200W RMS on 4ohm

350W RMS on 2ohm

Pre stage: Pure A Class


zero feedback

Power stage: Dynamic A Class


Inputs: 4 line unbalanced

1 line balanced

Line Outputs: 1 tape

1 sub (volume controlled)

Outputs connectors: 4 + 4 for bi-wiring

Feedback factor: zero

Power consumption: 1000W max

Dimensions: 17.1in x 5.1in x 17in

Net weight: 55lbs

Unico 100

Output power: 180W RMS on 8Ω – 340W RMS on 4Ω

Output stage: Dynamic A Class triple POWER MOSFET complementary pair

Input stage: Triode Class-A

Valve: 2 x ECC83 (12AX7)

Sensibility: 260mV

Input impendace: 47 k / 47 pFΩ

Frequency response: flat@10Hz / -0.3dB@100kHz

THD: 0.05% @ 10W, 1kHz

Feedback Factor: 15dB

Damping Factor: 200

Inputs: 3 linea RCA, 1 line XLR, 1 tape RCA

Outputs: 1 tape RCA, 1 subwoofer RCA

Output connectors: 4 +4 for Bi-Wiring

Remote control: Volume and inputs, IR

Power consumption: 900W max

Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 18 cm

Net weight: 25 kg

Unico Pre

Frequency response: flat @ 10Hz ñ -0.2dB @ 100kHz

Input stage: Pure class A

Balanced tube stage (ECC82/12AU7)

Output stage: Pure class A Discrete solid state buffer

Input connectors: 4+1 unbalanced, 4 balanced

Output connectors: 1 XLR, 1 RCA (fixed), 1 RCA (phase selectable)

Dimensions: 17in x 7in x 5.1in

Net weight: 25lbs

Unico DM

Power output: 160W RMS continuous on 8ohm (stereo)

650W RMS continuous on 8ohm (mono)

Frequency response: flat @ 10Hz ñ -0.1dB @ 100kHz

Input stage: Pure class A Double tube stage (ECC82/12AU7)

Output stage: Dynamic class A, Triple POWER MOSFET complementary pair

Input connectors: 1 unbalanced, 1 balanced

Output connectors: 4 + 4 per bi-wiring

Power consumption: 900W max

Dimensions: 17in x 7in x 17.3in

Net weight: 55lbs

Unico Upower

Output Power: 100W RMS 8ohm

Output stage: POWER MOSFET, two complementary pairs

Polarization: Dynamic A class

Sensibility: 25Watt

Input Impedance: equal to the load impedance

Frequency responce: -0.1dB@10Hz / -0.5dB@100kHz

THD: 0.1% @ 10W, 1kHz

Input: 1 pair of power connectors

Output connectors: 4 +4 per Bi-Wiring

Power consumption: 380W max

Size (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 13 cm

Weight: 16 Kg

Unico CDPrimo

Transport: TEAC CD5010A

Digital interface: Wolfson Micro WM8804

Sample Rate Converter: Burr Brown SRC4192

Convertiter D/A: Wolfson Micro WM8524

Sampling: 24bit / 96kHz

Digital Standard: AES3, IEC60958 (S/PDIF) e EIAJ CP-1201

Digital input (Ext): Isochronous-Out 16bit / 32-48kHz (USB-B)

Digital output: 44.1kHz

Output stage: solid state, Class A

Outputs: 1 RCA

Gain: Triode Class-A

Valve: 1 x ECC82 (12AU7)

Power conumption: 100W max

Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 9.5 cm

Net weight: 10 kg

Unico CDE

The renewal of the top level products of Unico series begun with the new Unico100 integrated amplifier now reaches another major stage with the introduction of the Unico CDE. Once again Unison Research is firmly resolute to offer a device that deserve to be part of such a blazoned family, able to transmit tradition and bring innovation, able to change only to get better, with a look at the aesthetics but without forgetting the substance.

The new Unico CDE is the natural Evolution of the famous Unico CD, the world wide know CD player manufactured by Unison Research. As introduced with the Unico secondo the Unico CDE too wears the black hairlined aluminium chassis. The extrusion sections as part of the project, designed by the Unison Research technical staff keeping in mind both aesthetic and functional features: rounded corners, housings for the fixing screws, the precise manufacture and assembly.

The front panel clearly reveals how the new Unico CDE belongs to the top level range of Unico series, leaded by the Unico200 and recently enriched by the Unico100. All the traditional features are preserved: the well known and beloved sandblasted and anodized aluminium front panel that defines the “Unico-style”, the wooden logo inlay, the wide graphical display (an unique feature, almost exclusive for Unison Research players) and that simple and user-friendly but complete interface.

Transport: TEAC CD5010A

Digital interface: Crystal CS8420 – reduced clock jitter

- audio data correction

D/A Converter: Crystal CS4392, 24bit, 192kHz

Conversion: 24bit / 96kHz

Digital standard: AES3, IEC60958 (S/PDIF) e EIAJ CP-1201

Digital input (Ext): 44.1kHz

Digital output: 96kHz

Output stage: Dual triode cathode follower in Parallel

Valve complement: 4 x ECC83 (12AX7)

Line Outputs: 1 RCA, 1 XLR

Gain stage: Low Noise

Gain: 0dB (Lo), +6dB (Hi)

Power consumption: 100W max

Dimensions (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 13 cm

Net weight: 12 kg


The UNICO R is the first tuner designed and produced in our laboratories. The ranges of reception are AM / FM RIDS.

As the UNICO CD, also the UNICO R (1500€) uses a graphic display in which words and images are lightened by 8192 pixels, back-lit with automatic brightness adjustment which adapts to the ambient lighting to provide ease of reading at all light levels. Such a display allows the names of the radio stations tuned to be viewed, as well as those names of FM memorized.

The high frequency stage uses ALPS components.

Preamplification stages are composed of two triodes, one for each channel, ECC82 type. The output signal are both balanced and unbalanced, at low impedence..

Technical Sheet

FM Frequency range: 87.5 -108.0 MHz

Antenna Impedance: 75 /300 Ohm

AM Frequency range: 530kHz - 1710kHz

FM RF Input Level: 60dB

AM RF Input Level: 94dB µ

Analogic Circuit Topology: fully balanced, triode differential stages, class A, output stages, zero feedback

Output Impedance: 100 Ohm

Display: LCD text and graphical display, embedded Toshiba microcontroller, 128 x 64 pixel resolution, automatic light control

Dimensions (mm): 435x340xh95

Net weight: about 11 kg


Unico CD is an integral part of the Unico range, both in appearance and in electronic design. It employs leading-edge technology and features some of the latest and best components, including D-to-A conversion chipsets from Crystal and a microprocessor from Philips which takes care of disc reading and information display functions. All the necessary information is shown on a large 8192-pixel screen capable of both text and picture display. The screen is back-lit and has fully automatic brightness adjustment which adapts to the ambient lighting to provide ease of reading at all light levels. The transport chosen is a high-quality CD-Rom mech normally used in computers. The motors incorporated in the transport are of the low-vibration, brushless, asynchronous type. The laser has a glass lens, which is superior to the plastic lenses used in most CD players. The guides and supports for the moving parts of the tray are lapped steel (not plastic), and the output signal from this transport is an S/PDIF. As an added bonus this mech is mounted on a rubber suspension to reduce the possibility of vibration affecting the reading capability of the laser diode. Digital signal processing is carried out first by a CRYSTAL CS8414 chip which provides clock-jitter reduction and correction and control of the audio data. Next follows the (optional) CRYSTAL CS8420 chip which takes care of oversampling at 96kHz, with a clock at 24.576 MHz. The output from this chip is fed to the CRYSTAL CS9342 converter which has a maximum capability of 24 bit/192kHz. The signal is filtered by a passive network and sent to a valve preamp stage which operates in pure Class-A using 1 x ECC82 double triode for each channel. Audio output signals are provided in both balanced and low-impedance unbalanced (100 Ohms) mode. On the rear panel there is provision for a digital input and output, in the optional version with oversampling. All the electronic circuits are fed from one large, low-flux power transformer designed specially by Unison Research for this project. 5 separate stabilized power supply stages are used, of which the one providing anode voltage to the valves is a power MOSFET stage.

Converter: 24 bit / 192 kHz

Price: 2300€.

Analogic / Digital outputs: line unbalanced / balanced

Controls and function: basic controls, remote controlled

Dimension (cm): 43.5x34x9.5 17.2x13.4x3.7 inches

Net weight: 11 kg / 24.75 lbs


UNICO 200 is an integrated hybrid amplifier of more of 250W per channel, with six pairs of MOSFET per channel. The input selection is carried out with signal relays sealed in azote atmosphere and gold contacts. It uses ALPS rotary potentiometer.

The Unico200 integrated amplifier was, at its introduction, the most prestigious and powerful amplifier of the Unico series.

A hybrid integrated amplifier, the Unico200 includes an input stage with triodes (specifically, each channel uses a double triode ECC82/12AU7), a gain stage with discrete components and a MOSFET power stage. These features, of course can be found throughout the Unico line.

With the Unico200, however, the goal was to create an absolutely prestigious amplifier to reign at the top of the Unico product line. As a result, this amp is carefully designed in every detail and adopts both innovative and bold solutions in its design and construction. The Unico 200 provides impressive power output (up to about 350W@8ohm, more than 550@4ohm) and high output current (up to 60A peak), which enables it to drive any load with absolute ease. It is the crown jewel of the Unico line.

Output power: 200 watt per channel

Output impedance: 2 - 16 Ohm

Bandwidth: 5 Hz - 50 kHz at - 0.1 dB

Price: 5700€

Input impedance: 50 kOhm / 47 pF

Input stage: 2 x twin triode ECC82

Output Stage: Improved dynamic class A symmetrical with power MOSFET complementary

Damping factor: 50

Total feedback factor: 10 dB

THD: 0.1% at max power

Power consumption: 1200 watt maximum

Dimensions (cm): 43x55x26.5 17.6x21.8x10.5 inches

Net weight: Kg. 60 / 135 lbs

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