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Manger szélessávú hangsugárzó

Bizonyára sokan látták már a csillag motívumáról könnyen felismerhető Manger hangszórót, egy páran talán már meghallgathatták, megismerhettek rendkívüli tulajdonságait.

A Josef W. Manger által kifejlesztett szélessávú hangsugárzók története mintegy 30 éve kezdődött.

A szokásos dugattyús elven működő dinamikus hangszóróhoz képest – a több rétegű lágy anyagból készülő - membrán a peremén mereven befogott és erősen csillapított. A rendkívül könnyű duplatekercs meghajtásáról 15 darab neodímium mágnes gondoskodik. A radikálisan új utat felvállaló építési elv mögött húzódó gondolat azt volt, hogy a fülünk bazilár membránját leginkább megközelítő szerkezet alkalmasabb lehet a hangkeltésre, mint a legelterjedtebb hangsugárzó rendszerek.

A lágy membránt mozgatva, abban hullámvonalban terjed a hang; a módszer nagyon gyors belengést biztosít, gyakorlatilag utórezgések nélkül. A szélessávú hangszóró akár 150 Hz-től 30.000 Hz-ig dolgozik. Kiemelik rendkívül gyors és precíz megszólalását, a felhasználásával épített rendszerek színezetlen hangját és rendkívül pontos térleképzését. Fontos felhívni a figyelmet arra, hogy a hallásunk szempontjából releváns frekvenciatartomány szinte teljes egészében keresztváltó nélkül építhetünk hangdobozokat. Nem véletlen, hogy a high-end alkalmazásán túl világszerte számos hangstúdióban, ill. halláskutatással foglalkozó intézetekben, ill. olyan alkalmazásokban, ahol kiemelkedően precíz hangvisszaadás szükséges (pl. haditechnikai alkalmazások, szimulátorok) használják elterjedten a Manger szélessávú hangsugárzóit

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Kész hangdobozok

Zerobox 109

The Zerobox 109 is a precise monitoring system for recording studios, broadcasting, home recording - small cabinet dimensions for an excellent integration in living areas with little space.

This is our smallest speaker, a mid-sized bookshelf / standmount that makes use of a single Manger unit matched to a 21 cm (8") custom-made Scanspeak (sub) woofer in a closed box.

Actually, the Manger transducer works down to 140 Hz, where the Scanspeak woofer takes the lead down to 40 Hz (@ -3 dB).

We can consider the Manger Zerobox 109 mostly a single-driver full range speaker, aided, for deeper bass, by a conventional dynamic woofer.

The ZB109 are our most popular model sold throughout Europe to professional recording studios as near-field monitors, Broadcasting Company’s and of course the high end audiophile.

- Drivers: 1 MSW, 1 Scanspeak woofer (modified)

- Frequency range: 50 Hz - 24 kHz (+-3dB)

- Crossover frequency: 140 Hz

- Crossover: 6 dB HP/18 dB LP

- Impedance: 4 Ohm

- Dimensions: 49 x 26 x 36 cm

- Weight: 17 Kg

Zerobox 109IIe

€ 5020,-/pair upward

Side kick / Mid kick

The Sidekick is a small on-wall speaker that can blend beautifully with the interior surroundings due to its smartly tailored appearance. But being small doesn"t mean sounding small too. The mighty little Sidekick is capable of delivering every note, every beat and nuance of the sound originally recorded just as the film creators intended.

Driver: Manger Sound Transducer (MSW) W05 1,2.2.16

Impedance 8 Ohm

Subwoofer: Optional: The Manger Subwoofer expands the lower frequency range of the Sidekick down to 20Hz.

Crossover: High-pass 1st order filter, Mcap + Mcap Supreme Capacitors Recommended subwoofer crossover frequency: - 100Hz

Frequency Response: Extreme Linear from 100 Hz to 25 kHz (-3dB), 40 kHz (-10 dB) through the boundary layer matching.

Cabinet: Polygonal housing, 7 Degree for optimum spatial listening throughout the room.

Dimensions: 30 x 41,5 x 12,5 cm (H,W,D)

Weight: 8kg

Wall Mounting: Complete kit including drilling template for on-wall mounting. Cable drain for speaker cable connection both from top or bottom if cable is surface mounted, or hidden connection.

Side kick: surround speaker

Mid kick: center speaker


€ 3020,-/pair upward

Midkick (center)

€ 1510,-/pc. upward


Reference studio monitor

A fast sound transducer, the corresponding power amplifiers and a bass unit for effortless reproduction of even the lowest octaves are certainly not the end of this development. We have thought of various adjustment features to make a sound engineer"s life that much easier. These include room adaptation filters, near-field/cinema-screen EQ settings, and an input trimming stage controller, that can accurately set the two-channel or multi-channel equality to within a tenth of a dB. And that"s not all: conveniently placed handles for transporting this 30 kilogram heavyweight, a perfect matching, movable stand, available in different heights, a dockable bass unit as an optional extra, a self-explanatory operating console with a clear layout, and finally an attractive design that is still mindful of the needs of the user.

Type: Active 2-Way System

Frequency range: 30Hz - 40kHz

Woofer: 8" Glasfiber Polyester Sandwich Diaphragm, Voice coil diameter 38mm

Cabinet: Sealed cabinet made of up to 38mm thick medium-density wooden fibreboard, damped on the inside with floating polymer resin panels.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 495 x 270 x 424mm

Weight: 30kg

Amplifier (analogue):Max. Output LF: 250W (8Ohm), 400W (4Ohm) (with optional LF-Module), HF: 180W (8Ohm)

MSMc1 monitor

€ 9980,-/pair upward

MSMc1 LF-Modul

€ 1920,-/pair upward

MSMc1 stand

€ 1760,-/pair upward

MSMc1 lift

€ 3460,-/pair upward


Reference active system

Fast sound transducers which accurately reproduce subtle musical structures, and woofers which generate even the lowest octaves with ease are important but not the end of the story.

The design of the MSMs1 is inherently consistent and its functions are very effective. The dimensions adhere to physical laws and the cabinet perfectly enhances the sonic reproduction. Despite its functional design the enclosure is stylishly elegant and classy. It blends into the room without looking like a status symbol. Manger also implemented a number of control options that will facilitate the life of music lovers, including various correction filters and control switches as well as a limiter for preventing system overload. The clearly laid out and selfexplaining control panel makes user manuals dispensable. Classic design, excellent quality, amazing reproduction – the accurate, innovative and authentic MSMs1.

Type: Active 2-Way System

Frequency Range: 30 Hz – 40 kHz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 44.8“ x 10.6“ x 8.4“ (1139 x 270 x 214 mm)

Weight: 105.7 lbs (48 kg)

Amplifier Max. Power Output: LF: 250 W @ 8 Ohms, HF: 180 W @ 8 Ohms


€ 15000,-/pair upward


Our latest development, the Manger Holoprofile, sets new standards in stereo reproduction. You can finally break free from the limitations of the stereo triangle with our patented sound deflector system.

Zerobox 103

When it comes to down to it everything is only as good as the complete system it allows. Because all expenditure would be worth only the half, if the cabinet or the crossover denies the necessary precision for the Manger® sound transducer and takes influence on a best possible result. For this it was taken care in a large extent at the development of the new version of the Zerobox® 103.

Details of the enclosure and crossover improvements clearly demonstrate the new Zerobox 103’s superb sophistication of design and engineering. The thickness of the cabinet walls, for example, is strategically varied to prevent longitudinal or transversal waves from creating unwanted resonance. Moreover, an ingenious mechanical bracing design greatly enhances the cabinet’s superior stiffness. Then to further dampen and stabilise the new Zerobox 103, specially formulated resonate-absorbing materials are applied to the cabinet’s inner walls. The design and engineering feats do not stop there however. Manger engineers utilise their proven closed cabinet design (no reflex port in the lower bass section) to further ensure against unwanted resonance.

The crossover is critical to any loudspeaker’s performance, including the Zerobox 103. Taking a cost no object approach, and to fully realise the unparalleled sonic attributes of the Zerobox 103, separate high and low pass crossovers, "zero-ohm" transformer core coils, and the industry’s highest quality capacitors are all that is allowed onboard. Finally, cross-talk attenuation is a non-issue due to the superb design and layout of the crossover network.

No description of a Zerobox loudspeaker would be complete without mentioning the very "heart n soul" of its great sonic reproduction capabilities the world renowned Manger Sound Transducer. Perfectly framed and supported by a highly engineered enclosure, the upper section of the Zerobox 103 is home to three Manger Sound Transducers, which are cleverly positioned to fully allow this speaker to "strut its stuff".

From its huge, wide open, holographic soundstage, to its pinpoint precision and incredible detail, the zerobox 103 is nothing short of astounding, a music lover’s dream come true. Seamless top to bottom consistency, pure, articulate upper bass and midrange, with airy detailed highs all add up to one thing… this is the benchmark loudspeaker of tomorrow.

And speaking of the future… the Manger Sound Transducer, with its lightning fast rise time and super high frequency response, will reign supreme throughout the next generation of high end audio SACD and DVD as the # 1 choice of audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts shopping for new loudspeakers.

Welcome to the next generation. Experience the new Zerobox-103 and hear the future for yourself.

Zerobox 107

The Zerobox 107 is a passive sound transducer system with extended woofer expansion. The acoustical quality of the MANGER Sound Transducer is enlarged through two efficient 8" woofers from Vifa.

- Drivers: 1-3 MSW

- 2 Vifa Woofers

- Frequency range: 40 Hz - 24 kHz (+-3dB)

- Crossover frequency: 140 Hz

- Crossover: 6 dB HP/18 dB LP

- Impedance: 4 Ohm

- Dimensions: 110 x 26 x 34 cm

- Weight: 37 Kg


The idea of developing a loudspeaker exclusively tailored to the Manger sound transducer has fascinated us for a long time. A design that would successfully celebrate this broadband transducer"s longstanding reputation for excellence was both challenging and overwhelming, to say the least. Throughout development our design engineers were often reminded of their self-imposed challenge to create an architectural structure that would reflect the innermost qualities of the Manger transducer - an irresistibly simple form, yet uncannily musical in performance.

From the beginning we dismissed any notion of adhering to conventional loudspeaker wisdom - it simply wasn"t good enough. We felt, then, that this first-of-its-kind cabinet design would transcend the Manger loudspeaker to a level never thought possible - but getting there would be no easy task by any stretch of the imagination …but we did.

Presenting "Swing" …the first in a lineup of next-generation loudspeakers from Manger that promises to further the art of hi-fidelity. Completed in time to make its performance debut at the "High-End 2001" audio electronics show in Europe, the Swing mesmerized show goers with its sensual eye-appeal and stunning performance qualities.

At first glance, the Swing is likely to be mistaken for a beautiful piece of art; something an interior designer might use to create interest in a special room. However, upon close inspection the all-too familiar transducer reveals a most unique looking loudspeaker - a magnificently sculpted structure made from exotic hardwood and pure slate.

The new Swing represents an extraordinary marriage between technology and design. The pedestal, for example, is meticulously bevelled from solid slate, providing superb resonate-free stability for the cabinet and timeless beauty for the owner.

Furthermore, the Swing proudly boasts a highly-technologically advanced double-wall cabinet construction, rendering the issue of resonance moot. And, too, the front-facing sound panel is "floating" in the main assembly and therefore is acoustically decoupled from the cabinet.

There"s more… even the overall shape of the cabinet was designed with a specific goal in mind: unrestricted propagation of sound. Like a sphere, there are no flat surfaces on the Swing. And the asymmetrical positioning of the transducer glorifies the sound"s unrestricted behavior, leaving the listener spellbound as to hearing the recording but not the speakers.

The new MANGER Swing is pure heartfelt emotion - a contribution to the harmonious peoples of the world. Enjoy…


You can"t dispense with a deep bass sound; whether you are a music-lover with a wide experience of live concerts, or a fan of the surround sound of home cinema systems. The established Manger philosophy says that it makes no difference what style or performance you prefer listening to in the comfort of your own four walls. The kettledrum from the concert-hall should retain its original magnitude and the decay should not last any longer than in real life. And similarly the rumbling of a thunderstorm should also create a true-to-life backdrop.

A deep and dry-sounding bass that is balanced and realistic across a very wide frequency range is therefore the outstanding feature of the Manger Subsonic. To achieve this we reverted to existing servo-technology, optimised to meet our requirements and implemented state of the art engineering in the cabinet design. With the remarkable result that the active-control subwoofer with its wide range of possible arrangements can be smoothly integrated into a sound transducer system.

The Manger Subsonic can be combined with the Manger Sidekick to form a satellite system, integrated into existing two-channel or multi-channel systems or can form a perfect unit with the Manger Swing. These wide-ranging possibilities therefore fulfil any demands placed on a high-end system.

And the aesthetics have also not been ignored, as is impressively shown by the curved cabinet front with removable panel. This is a continuation of the unusual design of the Manger Swing and is a harmonious combination with precise technology. Resulting in a natural bass sound with homogeneity in the music that can otherwise only be experienced live.

Active, electronically controlled subwoofer, closed cabinet

Chassis: Very high loading, 25 cm subwoofer with specified data, extremely low-resonance magnesium die-cast basket, high linear deflection and continued very smooth frequency response

Electronics: 120 W amplification, upper frequency controllable from 60 Hz -180Hz, 24dB/octave lower frequency 25 Hz subsonic filter at 15 Hz, -12 dB/octave, switchable line input, high level input, phase switch

Frequency response: 25 Hz - 180 Hz (-3dB)

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Do It Yourself - csináld magad

Manger MSW Transducer

It is simply spectacular how unspectacularly the Manger sound transducer reproduces music.” "The authenticity and naturalness of the music reproduction is of primary importance for us. The essential contribution to achieving this ambitious goal is provided in all our sound systems by the now legendary Manger sound transducer (MSW). A further, not to be underestimated role has also to be played by the frame provided for the sound transducer. Our finely designed cabinets and crossovers are therefore unified with the Manger sound transducer to produce perfectly integrated tailored systems.

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